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rot wrote

Yeah doesn't maturating clear your sinuses?


fjones wrote (edited )

Following Wilhelm Reich here:

There is a basic polarity in biological life: production and anti-production

Production (activity, art, revolt, foreplay) vs Anti-production (rest, sleep, inactivity, orgasm).

According to Reich, if the biome doesn't have the anti-production it will die. FAP is simply moving the biome to anti-production, upon which the productions of revolt, art, love etc are dependent.

What I am hearing the above author say, and which Reich himself said, "Its by controlling our anti-production as well as our production that fascism takes hold in a mass psychology" (paraphrased).

In this way, it can be said that mutual consent sex with another is more radical than fapping because of the gift, affinity and trust involved, required for revolt. Fapping is easier but equally anti-productive, which is the absolutely necessary source of sociality, social movement and revolt. How "rest"is distributed in the economy is very telling.

The technology of erotism has its own issues.