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Faolinbean wrote (edited )

Okay so people say I'm white, and my gf is black. We work at the same company in a downstate area; blue lives matter shirts, gun culture shirts, and other crap are all present in the workplace, and the tv in the breakroom only plays fox news. (unless corporate is in town, then it's cnn for that day wtf)

So my gf wore a shirt today with a slogan like this and apparently white fee fees were hurt because she was pulled aside by a supervisor, told there had been multiple complaints, and that she couldn't wear it to work again.

She's been really upset. I don't know how to help her, and I don't want to burden her by asking her or making it about my feelings. For context, this isn't the first time something like this happened. A few months ago, my car battery died and she went out on her lunch to jump it. Security walked out to talk to her because they had reports of "suspicious activity."

We have ordered more shirts but that doesn't really fix this kind of injustice and I feel so powerless seeing her suffer. :( If anybody wants to share their experiences or have any ideas on how I can help I'd love to hear it


Ant wrote

That's really shit
I have similar experiences and tend to feel like just doing our anarchy is the best response to any of it
Steal some shit? Quietly get some propaganda moving around your workspace?
I don't know enough about your context to be helpful, sorry

On the bright side, you have a badass girlfriend


BlackFlagged wrote

I don't have any advice, and you shouldn't do what I would do because I'm all kinds of fucked up, but if it were me I'm sure I'd find out who made the complaints and terrorize them.