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Faolinbean wrote (edited )

Okay so people say I'm white, and my gf is black. We work at the same company in a downstate area; blue lives matter shirts, gun culture shirts, and other crap are all present in the workplace, and the tv in the breakroom only plays fox news. (unless corporate is in town, then it's cnn for that day wtf)

So my gf wore a shirt today with a slogan like this and apparently white fee fees were hurt because she was pulled aside by a supervisor, told there had been multiple complaints, and that she couldn't wear it to work again.

She's been really upset. I don't know how to help her, and I don't want to burden her by asking her or making it about my feelings. For context, this isn't the first time something like this happened. A few months ago, my car battery died and she went out on her lunch to jump it. Security walked out to talk to her because they had reports of "suspicious activity."

We have ordered more shirts but that doesn't really fix this kind of injustice and I feel so powerless seeing her suffer. :( If anybody wants to share their experiences or have any ideas on how I can help I'd love to hear it


Ant wrote

That's really shit
I have similar experiences and tend to feel like just doing our anarchy is the best response to any of it
Steal some shit? Quietly get some propaganda moving around your workspace?
I don't know enough about your context to be helpful, sorry

On the bright side, you have a badass girlfriend


BlackFlagged wrote

I don't have any advice, and you shouldn't do what I would do because I'm all kinds of fucked up, but if it were me I'm sure I'd find out who made the complaints and terrorize them.


GrimWillow wrote

Lots of positive internal energy going on for myself. I have made some bold and risky life decisions that have turned out to be great for my personal opportunities overall. I have the will and plans for fulfilling the goals of Anarchism in my future and accept the lifestyle and consequences that it entails.

I have been gone for the past few weeks, and it looks like trolls came in pretty hard. Haven't seen it all, but I have some more time to check out what's going on now. Any tl;dr?


bloodrose wrote

Last night I came home to a power outage. As I was walking to my apartment with my flashlight, i heard an owl screech and saw it fly away. We never get owls near us. It only took two hours of darkness for birds we never see to come visit. It was beautiful and it made me both happy and sad.


Dystopia_Drifter wrote

I found a nice pair of shoes that fit me in a ditch, they are velcro and I feel like I'm 6 years old again. I picked enough cans in this first week of the month to pay my phone bill AND get drunk tonight.


bloodrose wrote

How much time do you spend picking cans for that? Have you ever thought of dumpster diving for ebay sales or the like? The people in my apartment complex throw away such nice stuff.


Dystopia_Drifter wrote

Ah in all honesty way more time than it's worth. Fortunately I travel a lot on foot so I'm only occasionally going out of my way for 20 or 30 cents.

Shit though, the dumpstering stuff at apartments is a good idea. Years ago a buddy and I would hit this row of green dumpster that stretched several blocks behind an apartment complex at the end/start of the month, there was usable furniture and even discarded electronics, we called it "The Green Mile". I totally forgot about it until your suggestion.


bloodrose wrote

The last apartment complex I lived in became a place that rich tech bros started renting (and thus I was priced out after they kicked us out to "remodel" and then jacked the rent by 2x). While I was living there, there was a fellow who I ran into diving our dumpsters 1-2x/week. He said he lived in a house a few blocks away that was well-trafficked and he just had a weekly yard sale based on the stuff he dumpster-dove from those rich fuckers. He told me about getting practically new speakers out of our dumpster and turning it around for a couple hundred through craigslist (and not his garage sale). It seemed like better work than what I do for a living. hah


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Had to bump the date to this week, still excited though. Rest of it was kind of kill.


chaquito_azul15 wrote

Lol 'people say I'm white' I'm a Latino guy and I live in California. In the bay area. Shit still happens a lot here so no surprise there. I've been working construction for years, one of the most akward moments was walking into the owner of the company I worked for saying he doesn't wanna hire Mexicans. Didn't even say sorry.

I joined my trade's labor union and I still know shit like that would get me in trouble. Some of these mo'fuckers tell us not to play Mexican music, IN THE UNION! THE DEMOCRAT ENDORSING UNION!

Also I live in the hood. In a apartment. I was doing a oil change on the street cuz I let my girl use the parking space cuz the apartment is gated. I'd done it before. One black guy thought I broke down and offered to help, it was a cool gesture. In the same spot tho, a white person that lived in the house NEXT TO the patch of dead grass I was doing the oil change in front of told not to service a vehicle IN FRONT of their house. Almost threatened to call the cops on me.

Plus there was growing up as a kid. The apartments I lived in with my mom had the pool next to some racist lady. When my mom used to take me as a kid she used to threaten her to call the cops if I got loud. When I went with my friends as a teenager she did call the cops and told them I didn't live there. The cop followed me to watch me open my door. Another cop waited at the pool with my all latino friends to make sure they didn't leave in case I didn't live there.

Also I can tell you white people are straight up worshipped by a bulk of minorities. Even if they complain about white people being ignorant or racist they still wanna date white people over others. One thing that drives me freakn crazy is when they got on me for acting 'stereotypical' for doing stuff I'm used to (listening to Mexican music, working manual labor, drinking tequila). But when a white person speaks bad Spanish or puts on a Pancho or says 'arriba' then it's cute 😒....

Shit sucks, but eh.. that's why I believe what I believe

P.s. Sorry homie. I posted on Reddit and it wasn't getting traffic then I learned why. Lol


ziq wrote

when they got on me for acting 'stereotypical' for doing stuff I'm used to

that's so fucked. We have people like that here, they'll call you a goat fucking peasant the moment you stop emulating colonizers.


chaquito_azul15 wrote

Straight up.. my mom, who was born in rural mexico, dyed her hair blonde and tries to speak with a lisp like a spaniard lol


lookin4 wrote

Broke my recent habit being vegan today at a free buffet, because otherwise the stuff would have been thrown away. Bought a sleep mask. Came home pretty much tired, decided to drink something with caffeine while downloading some entertainment. Unfortunately youtube-dl broke after the first part, so I switched to a browser add-on. Shortly after finally watching and relaxing. Then got a call, but did not answer it. Decided to quickly upgrade a debian system from jessie to stretch simultaneously - after a few hours still without success, *sigh*. Now going to sleep.