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OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

I'm rather partial to petty criminals who give so few fucks about what assholes think about the fact that they randomly steal whateverthefuck people actually shoplift from Walmart for whateverthefuck reason they shoplift whatever they shoplift from Walmart because what the fucking fucking fucking fuck it's hurting Walmart where Walmart doesn't want to get hurt so what the fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fuck.

Do I have to have a reason for giving so many fucks about shoplifters just because they give so few fucks about what I or anyone else thinks about them?

I always thought "pirate" was reclaiming the joy of the first time you actually trusted a random stranger on the internet and actually saw for the first time in your life that.........

(for you it was probably The Pirate Bay and for me it was WinMX even though I wish I was cool enough to say Napster)

REALLY DID EXIST and that sudden burst of energy as you decided that yes, yolo, this really was worth the humiliation of the exact same fear the first time you ever tore off a "do not remove" tag and had to horrifically and traumatically explain the extent of your crime against humanity, nature, and everything that is good about the universe, right?

But did you really believe it would actually happen and wasn't it just the kind of thrill that you would never consider appropriate to discuss on the internet and I mean that is hardly the POINT of sharing one's entire music collection with random strangers on the internet but you've got to admit.

It does make it fun to call oneself a "Pirate" on the internet for the unspeakable crime of, essentially, sharing one's music with random strangers the way good ol' Mom used to do with me back in the 20th century with something we called a "boom box" if it had some sort of thingything called something vaguely along the lines of "Dual Dubbing Decks" or something like that. Mom was a perfectionist. When she Pirated our Christmas Presents instead of shopping for them, she ALWAYS took her liner notes with the lyrics on the album down to the public library so she could put a dime in the public printer-not-printer whatchamadoodle we used to call a "Xerox machine".

If any random nicewhitemiddleclasswhiteman or nicewhitemiddleclasswhitewoman had DARED ask her, "What, may I ask, do you think YOU are doing?" she would have calmly replied in identical tone, "I am Xeroxing the liner notes of my cassette tape so that I can give copies of it to my nicewhitemiddleclasswhitecollegestudent daughters for their christmas presents. And what may I ask YOU think you are doing asking me what I am doing as if I was some sort of PIRATE or something?"

Mom sucked at being a Mom but she was still an awesome Pirate in her own weird and wacky nicewhitemiddleclass way. Legally, she was doing nothing more or less than exactly what we do every time we click on a torrrent link on TPB.


martasultan wrote

It does make it fun to call oneself a "Pirate" on the internet

I continue to maintain that actual pirates were fuckin' cool shit just as much as modern pirates are.