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gone wrote (edited )

Yea, specifically that is what I meant to type, I'm just not sure what it means yet or if I just insulted Tequila Wolf for liking sex and don't know it yet.

I've done worse dumb things on Raddle and been forgiven.

Switching from English doesn't help. I have problems with language in general, not just English in particular and majoring in English didn't help even though it was fun and I love British literature.


2145 wrote

I'm just not sure what it means yet

What asexuality means? It's an orientation the same as {bi/homo/hetero}sexuality. I obviously can't speak for Tequila_Wolf but having your own preferences shouldn't be insulting to anyone.


gone wrote (edited )

Thank you. That's what I thought it meant. I'm not used to being allowed to choose my own preferences yet.

My favourite colour is purple. My mother thinks it should be blue because she likes the way blue looks on me better than she likes the way purple looks on me. My mother is 80+ years old and lives in a luxury retirement home because she doesn't want to live with me or leave her inheritance to me.

That is not something I am ashamed to say on Raddle, but it's weird as fuck and oddly liberating to publicly state those facts on the internet as well. :) :) :) :)