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OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Welcome, mustard.

I'm not crazy about computers either, but I do remember the days before the internet when people had post office boxes and paper and ink pen pals and mimeographed radical newsletters delivered in plain brown wrappers--and oh yes, subconscious, mustard deserves to know that i remember records too which is what we had before those newfangled cassette tapes that we had before those newfangled CDs that we had before this newfangled Pirate Bay to download our music from and oh, being fiftyfranklymydearidon'tgiveadamn is so much fun!

If you ever want a Librebooted X60T with free as in freedom software pre-installed mailed to your PO box, that could probably be arranged.

I love your writing style. I am X-treme downwardly mobile so I "grew up in the publishing industry" in the 1970s and my late brother was well loved in the zine-o-sphere but not into writing for money.

We are a force, that we are. I'm about as unlikely an anarchist as you'd never expect to meet, online or off.

But I digress.