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Tequila_Wolf wrote

My worst trip ever was on mushrooms with a similar thing happening; I took the usual dose with a bunch of my friends but they had their entire trip and nothing happened to me. So I assumed I'd ate some kind of dud and went home. Driving home the trees started glittering. Home by myself in bed trying to sleep I had a deep existential crisis where I came into contact with my own bare mortality and the only solace I had was in the hope that this would go away when I wasn't so high.

The next day I started reading The Denial Of Death by Ernest Becker and it reframed my whole idea of what living was about.


selver wrote

Yeah I was definitely taking solace in that last week.

Shrooms tend to freak me out a lot more cause I forget I'm high, or don't understand time, so it feels like it will never end.