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selver wrote (edited )

Had a real classic fuckup last week. Took an edible that didn't hit for the first hour or two, so I took more, only to get absolutely fucked 4 hours later. Got about 2 hours of sleep before work & had the most miserable day ever. I tend to really lose touch with reality on high doses of edibles or psychedelics, it's always terrifying.

Thankful my two weeks of night shifts are over now, and I get a long weekend.


retiredaccount wrote (edited )

Unlucky! I had to go to church sunday (family member was murdered, long story) and because it's church and because many in my family are racist sexist homophobic fucks I decided to take some shrooms to make things dangerous. I got more than I bargained for. 10/10 would do again though.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

My worst trip ever was on mushrooms with a similar thing happening; I took the usual dose with a bunch of my friends but they had their entire trip and nothing happened to me. So I assumed I'd ate some kind of dud and went home. Driving home the trees started glittering. Home by myself in bed trying to sleep I had a deep existential crisis where I came into contact with my own bare mortality and the only solace I had was in the hope that this would go away when I wasn't so high.

The next day I started reading The Denial Of Death by Ernest Becker and it reframed my whole idea of what living was about.


selver wrote

Yeah I was definitely taking solace in that last week.

Shrooms tend to freak me out a lot more cause I forget I'm high, or don't understand time, so it feels like it will never end.


Xylanthius wrote


Been there, dude!

Times like those, you just gotta RIDE THE WAVE.

One time I accidentally dosed my grandma. :-( She was TRIPPIN. I felt so bad.