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this_one wrote

I'm curious if there are any other therians/otherkin who use this site


heckthepolice wrote

I really don't know anything about otherkin outside of the "lol otherkin is so dumb" circlejerk on the mainstream web. It'd be cool to see some discussion about that stuff on here


this_one wrote

I definitely agree it would be cool, but I don't really know how to have (or even start, tbh) a discussion. There aren't really a lot of articles or links I can think of to post other than PDFs of academic studies and the like, and those can be long and dry. Even when they are interesting, I don't know how much of a conversation they'd spark


yaaqov wrote

I for one would love to see a representative example, if you had one to share!


this_one wrote

I've been reading this over today and yesterday. It is 54 pages (+ appendices, references, etc), so it might be more than you were expecting, but to be honest, since reaching the 'results' section, I've found it very relatable, and even kind of weirdly refreshing/validating to read (which I can't say I was really expecting). I can't say for sure, since I went into it knowing quite a bit about therianthropy, but I do think it conveys fairly well what it's like to be therian, since it's full of firsthand examples.

The results section is the meat of the paper, and it's only ~25 pages, so you can probably get away with skimming through the first sections if you don't really want to read the whole thing.