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AndMyAxe wrote (edited )

I've never done scouting, but it was something that has always interested me. I'm 19 now and moving to the UK, do you know if there is any chance I could join some sort of scout association there?

EDIT: Also, skills like washing yourself with only 5L of water a day sound really useful and eco-friendly. Do you have any advice for learning some skills, and applying them to one's day-to-day life?


IamaScoutAMA wrote

The skills that I value the most in my day to day life aren't the most practical/visible: for me it was cooking, project management... Scouting also influenced my ethics and personality quite a bit.

As I said, most of the skills I learned was by being shown and repeating, or doing stuff myself.

So take a backpack and go hiking to learn how to live in minimalist ways, DIY your furniture with pallets to learn how to build. Or join the scouts :)

Also if you're interested in eco-friendly living, look up zerowaste. If you're interested in survivalism, look up military survival guides.

If you need a friend to go hiking with in EU or UK, hit me up lol


IamaScoutAMA wrote

UK were the first scouts, so there will probably be scouts in every town. As I said, we are all very different so the experience I narrated here will not necessarily be the same in the UK. You can always try it out for a day or two, scouts are really nice and lenient, especially if they're looking for volunteers.

If you're 19, you may become a rover: in teams of 5-7 they build ambitious projects, often oversees, in order to help and meet new people.You will otherwise be a leader/volunteer, like me :)