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IamaScoutAMA OP wrote

yup, the movement promotes vegetarianism and local food, so everyone is cool with flexitarian meals, but vegan is off charts. Someone told me that feeding my group vegan food for 3 weeks would be forcing my world view onto them. Its bullshit I'm all-ready forcing my world view by restricting phones on my camp.

As you can guess, it's mostly carnists that are against the concept of vegan camps. Some other dude has all ready done a vegan camp last year so I know it's doable, but it's a bit of a battle.

There is gate-keeping since we're an "official" movement with "official" values that each group can interpret as they want. It is not necessarily a bad thing: it stops fashies from making hitler-youth camps.

As I said in my op, the movement is liberal so a bit slow and lagging a little regarding stuff like veganism and zero-waste. We have country-wide assemblies to decide and vote on the orientation of the movement every 5 years thought.

Fuck'em I'm gonna do a vegan camp anyways :D


ziq wrote

Fuck yeah, showing kids they don't have to eat animal products is always good praxis. I've even woke up a few kids just by eating in front of them, much to their parents anger.