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ravengrace wrote

Had a job interview. They told me they like me philisophically but they want me to volunteer for 6 months then call back. Wtf.


gone wrote

Quick and dirty unsolicited advice: pay yourself living, not minimum, wage for all work-related expenses when doing cost-benefit analysis.

The three hours you spend commuting to the job is three hours you don't have to do something different before Mr. Grim Reaper taps on your shoulder and "Game Over" flashes across the screen.

They can say "$35,000 annual salary" until kittens grow on their palms, but if they're really only paying you fifteen cents an hour, you're not going to make it regardless of whether they call it "slavery", "internship", or "indentured servitude".

But you already knew that.


ziq wrote

Shit that's fucked. How is that even legal.


gone wrote (edited )

Seems like a common scam. It's a way to steal from people with heavy student loan debt and not much employment experience in their chosen fields.

One of, but not the only reason, why I am not interested in purchasing a student loan advisor for my childernz at the present time.