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gone wrote

It sounds a lot like my own evolution, I'm just not as good at writing in English as you are and I don't want to be misunderstood.

There are celebrities involved that I would not want to doxx, so that makes it more difficult too.

The short version is that I became disillusioned with the Democratic party and switched my voter registration to Green. I am not ashamed of spending four years volunteering for an early prototype of Move To Amend while I was all-but-homeless and responsible for paying child support to some children while simultaneously providing primary care for others, but I am not proud of it either.

After being told that I was no longer needed by a member of the organization who misunderstood a completely innocent friendship between myself and the celebrity in a particularly cruel and deliberately hurtful manner, I understood the situation in the US much better.

I no longer support the Green Party of the United States of America and prefer to donate to different charities now.