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lookin4 wrote

I remember the times where I repeated everything without thinking, I joined verbal attacks by the upper class, classic liberals and conservatives towards everything what's not mainstream and didn't matched their imagination of the one and only norm (even social democracy movements were "enemies").

It took a few years for me to realize this was all shitty and dumb, first because of my own class affiliation, second my personal anomaly from the norm. I became more active in reading, watching and acting. Since then I am educating myself wittingly... resulting in evolving into a ...liberal. I joined the green parties. I learned a lot about structures, hierarchy and also about behavior prior and after elections. After a few years I decided to quit after disappointments and rage.

Afterwards I was a more or less active member inside the movement of the pirate party, until I quit here, too. But as I experienced all this, met all this people and the life goes on I read, watched and acted a lot from then on which leads me to be an anarchist today.

I am very curious about all the upcoming levels and very happy that I've found this place and meet all of you.

Have a nice friday!


gone wrote

It sounds a lot like my own evolution, I'm just not as good at writing in English as you are and I don't want to be misunderstood.

There are celebrities involved that I would not want to doxx, so that makes it more difficult too.

The short version is that I became disillusioned with the Democratic party and switched my voter registration to Green. I am not ashamed of spending four years volunteering for an early prototype of Move To Amend while I was all-but-homeless and responsible for paying child support to some children while simultaneously providing primary care for others, but I am not proud of it either.

After being told that I was no longer needed by a member of the organization who misunderstood a completely innocent friendship between myself and the celebrity in a particularly cruel and deliberately hurtful manner, I understood the situation in the US much better.

I no longer support the Green Party of the United States of America and prefer to donate to different charities now.