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gone wrote

Prickly Pear cactus is a burgeoning specialty gourmet foods market just waiting for a crackerjack entrepreneur to make his [sic] first fortune.

Well, that's what my capitalist love-me-I'm-a-liberal parents ex-family would say, anyway. If it was up to me, I'd just say, "Go, you!" but that's not very encouraging, is it?

Let's try this instead, shall we?


Sound off:

I don’t wanna work anymore! What did you say? I said the system doesn’t work anymore! What did you say? I said STOMP, smash the state Let’s liberate Acknowledge me or go to hell Another womyn to rebel Stomp, smash the state Let’s liberate Organize and raise some hell Act up, unite, REBEL!

Well that didn't work either because "womyn" is still plural and I don't WANNA develop "Dissociative Identity Disorder" just because I'm not grammatically correct.

I'm singular, goshdarnitalltoheck, there's only one meat envelope who is officially authorized to use this Raddle account.


bloodrose wrote

Well, i'm not interested in being an entrepreneur. I would really rather somewhere that I could make a permaculture food forest. I'm not sure how much a food forest I can make in Nevada but I can't afford anywhere else.


gone wrote

The original Nevadans seemed to like it okay. You've got the right attitude, anyway.