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bad_bad wrote

first time on here.

i keep playing video games cus anxiety? i have always turned to them. I mean, I am really hungry and I'm playing more games. it sounds kind of dumb, but i don't even want to eat. I feel guilty after eating, bc I always gotta eat out, but I am always broke and time I should spend cooking I spend playing. : /


ziq wrote (edited )

Welcome! If cooking takes so long that you avoid doing it, then a good idea is to stick to simpler foods. Throw a couple potatoes in the microwave. You can game while they cook. Then open a can of something and mix it with the potato. Maybe add chili pepper powder and/or turmeric for flavor. Instant meal.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

It doesn't sound dumb. It's easy to lose yourself in a coping strategy if you've got nothing else going on. I've spent months before just alone in the dark every day because the sun hurts my eyes and why get up anyway? Who would I be happy to see if I bothered? Like, it's not healthy, definitely. But you could find other hobbies to fill time with if you're feeling like you have nothing else to do, or you could pick up some simple, quick recipes to be able to eat at home a little more often. It takes time, but little things add up.


bloodrose wrote

It sounds like you're hitting on your dopamine pretty hard with games and food a business cooked for you (even non-fast food hits the sweet spot to keep you hooked). It sounds like you're trying to help your anxiety with dopamine. You can mimic the purchased food by cooking your food with added fat and sugar. While not a great idea for your long-term health, it's a help to your pocket book. I read somewhere recently that preserved meats can cause manic-type feelings. If you are eating jerky, bacon or sammiches, try ditching them and see if it helps your anxiety. /End unsolicited advice.


gone wrote (edited )

It might also help to check out some games with different licenses if all you know is the big names from the big corporations.

I'm more of a forum junkie, but an analogy would be if you aren't comfortable with the time you spend on Minecraft, you might prefer spending that time on Minetest.

By the time you get your Minetest world set up to look "enough" like your old Minecraft world, you might have learned a thing or two about Minetest mods and met some interesting people and discovered some other common interests.

Maybe you'll want to spend some of your leisure time on hobbies that help you feel better about yourself. Not instead of gaming. Not even instead of playing Minecraft when you don't want to play Minetest.

Just because they are there.

Anyway, this exists:

if you want to look at it and the lookalike games are on her "rejected games" page and fairly easy to locate.


gone wrote

If you're broke and your freezer is empty because you always eat out, the first thing you might choose to put it in might be burritoes.

If you hate Mexican food, it wouldn't be a good idea, but there are other pretty lies words and phrases ways to say "a small quantity of money's worth of food that I am willing to pay a large quantity of money to purchase because I am hungry".

Really bad recipes for DIY lasagna can taste really good when you DIY the actual noodles and they're nothing but flour, water, and "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain stuff" anyway.

Or maybe you should be gaming in the time it would take to cook this, in which case, your money is well spent so don't stress over it.

Welcome here.