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bloodrose wrote

I was going to a volunteer event at a nature preserve today but it was cancelled because of smoke. sigh everything is always on fire now. I mean, it's not hyperbole to say the world is burning now.


OldHippieChick wrote

I am so sorry. Please don't doxx yourself like this again but do stay safe, get the fuck out if you need to (and "need" can be psychological as well as physical, fellow ursine mama), and don't ever forget that people are for loving and things are for using and it's none of your business what random strangers think about things they don't understand.

It would have been crazy for a college student on vacation to just start running "because Ireland is so green" and never to have been seen or heard from again, but it still would have made a better "happily ever after" for both me and Gentlest Daughter, who deserves her privacy if she is a newer-raddler-than-me, and really doesn't know me other than giftmas presents, birthday cards, random public comments on her blogs, etc.

So no worries; it's all good; probably no one else even picked up on it or if they didn't they didn't care and "affected by air quality because of the fires" is a pretty darned general "location" anyway.

My kid's first girlfriend's mother used to let her kids say they were from "Europe" all the time.


bloodrose wrote

Meh, there are a lot of people in the area I live in. I doubt saying the general location is enough to doxx me.