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ziq wrote (edited )

The shallow questions are the easiest ones to answer - so they tend to result in the most engagement. Then usually interesting conversations come from those posts as people go on unrelated tangents loosely inspired by the original question.

Getting people talking is always my primary goal, even if I know the answer to the question - which I almost always do, I still want to hear other's perspectives.

Sometimes I even change my mind after hearing them.

The controversial questions are useful too. For instance - the nofap kid today: A lot of people don't know anything about that scene and someone pointed out how it has reactionary roots. So now people who didn't know anything about nofap are informed as to its far-right nature, and that information could prove valuable to them.

The more complex questions usually result in little engagement because it takes too much effort. I asked that question not expecting anyone to engage with it. But my raddle theme song question is something that got engaged with instantly because it's so easy to respond to.