Why all the dumb questions?

Submitted by Green_Mountain_Makhno in lobby

Every day I log into here and see absolutely the laziest, stupidest questions that could either be solved with a 10 second google search, or even slightest research, or else posed by people who are so far down some really stupid fascist rabbit hole. I'm fuckin sick of it. Fuck these lazy ignorants. Fuck the fascists. Fuck the trolls.


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gone wrote

You asked an honest question so I am going to give you an honest answer:

Although stupid questions are easily answered, the time it takes you to google the answers in simple English is ten seconds you do NOT have to research Neitzche or think about what Max Stiner really meant or to answer your parent's question about whether you want Stove Top or homemade stuffing for Thanksgiving this year or your toddler's question about whether s/he has to get ready for day care or of it is Saturday.

It also infuriates you to have to answer the same stupid question, which makes you more short-tempered with Mom and Junior.

Furthermore, when Teenaged Ted finishes the research he needed to do to get an A on his term paper and wants to ask you something he's been curious about all his life or Reporter Ralph wants to present a "non-biased balanced" view of US Politics or Sad Sally wants to know why her grandkids never visit her in the nursing home, you're too pissed off at the fash and stressed out at the wasted time to have enough compassion to give them what they need.

Then you look like a crazy or a big old meanie and the fash win.

That's why they keep asking dumb questions. They aren't going to stop. The only thing you have any control over is your own emotional reaction the immutable fact that there are dumb questions on Raddle that aren';t worth your time.

hth and if it didn't, I still need to close this laptop and go to work and pay my bills and take care of my family, so ttyl.


bloodrose wrote

Because people want to hear from people, not just books. I knew about food not bombs and church as places to find community. But I wanted to know what people thought about them and their experiences. I don't want to just talk to an algorithm that has inherit biases baked into it. I want to hear from humans.

The whole point of a link aggregate site is to get data from people, not bots.


ziq wrote (edited )

The shallow questions are the easiest ones to answer - so they tend to result in the most engagement. Then usually interesting conversations come from those posts as people go on unrelated tangents loosely inspired by the original question.

Getting people talking is always my primary goal, even if I know the answer to the question - which I almost always do, I still want to hear other's perspectives.

Sometimes I even change my mind after hearing them.

The controversial questions are useful too. For instance - the nofap kid today: A lot of people don't know anything about that scene and someone pointed out how it has reactionary roots. So now people who didn't know anything about nofap are informed as to its far-right nature, and that information could prove valuable to them.

The more complex questions usually result in little engagement because it takes too much effort. I asked that question not expecting anyone to engage with it. But my raddle theme song question is something that got engaged with instantly because it's so easy to respond to.


selver wrote

I like them. They generate some participation.


alex_ wrote

i don't mind them so much. and sometimes it's hard to find answers online that explain things in plain language