Would you use a FOSS Instagram-like social platform?

Submitted by throwaway in lobby (edited )

If it was neatly designed, developed freely and sported a neat GNU license, with all the same features as early Instagram (none of the bullshit, no stories and all that).

An app and a website would be available.

Would you create an account? If you already do have an Instagram account, would you move to the new FOSS platform? Would you try to get your friends to move, too?

e: before I'm pointed to /f/freeasinfreedom, the question is meant for a broader audience than Free Software enthusiasts


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md_ wrote

If it federates, like https://pixelfed.social/ for example.


throwaway wrote

That looks like exactly what I'm describing, except it's lacking an app. Do you use it, then?


md_ wrote

Do you use it, then?

I was looking into hosting my own instance. Sharing photos from trips was the first time that I missed social media. But Pixelfed looks complicated to set up.

If someone made a much lighter and simpler to self-host federated image sharing software (eg database-less, limited Javascript use, etc), I would prefer it over existing solutions.


ziq wrote

I don't use Instagram so I guess not.


surreal wrote

FOSS Narcissism


ziq wrote

Come to think of it, isn't the whole point of that platform for trendy yuppies to sell useless brands to wannabe trendy yuppies?


trashcan wrote

Yeah. I'd try it. Instagram is one of the few social media platforms I use.


noordinaryspider wrote

No because there is too much metadata in pictures and I just don't know that much about computers and the internet.

I would be more open to a minor child in my care opening an account there than I would be towards accepting an employment opportunity in the childcare industry with a requirement of not "acting out" when my employer told me it was time to tell the products of the childcare industry to let the Instagram division of the Microsoft corporation vacuum up all of their insecurities and secret vulnerabilities so that they could squeeze more money out of their slaves' crotch fruit, though.


wild_liger wrote

I'm just not interested in a platform like Instagram in general.


lookin4 wrote

I don't see any benefit using it from a photographers perspective, except when it is easier to install, expand, update and maintain than a blog or static pages.

As a anonymous viewer looking for no specific photographer but photos shot in a specific location, on a specific time, with a specific camera or similar I would use it from time to time.

For the ones who currently seeing a need in Instagram and the like, I think it is pretty cool to solve yet another dependence with proprietary corporations and liberate them.

as early instagram

does that mean commenting photos will be possible for users and non-users alike? how the early version differs from this of today?