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hitandrun wrote

the left: it's not my job to educate you, instead read this huge corpus of literature that suspiciously corresponds to what a high-end university education in the humanities and social sciences would give u, or navigate extremely complex social spaces that require highly-tuned social intelligence to survive their byzantine norms and conventions (also everyone hates everyone else and is ready to eat them alive for social capital)

the right: here's my pamphlet on who is and is not a human, take ten and give one to all your friends, if you want to hear more hit me up any time



GaldraChevaliere wrote

I kinda had that discussion with some folk I'm running with. I had to actively self-educate to understand my position in life in relation to the people around me, and it was a slow and painful process I didn't have a lot of help with because most of my old social circles were full of gamer and incel types.

I was only really able to get where I am because I have a lot of free time. Most poor folk don't really have the time or inclination or social push (at least in my case, I hated everyone and wanted to get away from them to be with nicer people) to read Capital or Conquest of Bread or shit like that. They're hungry and they've got bills to pay, they don't have the time or energy to spend on this shit.

Zines or just having heart-to-hearts with people are a better method of transference, but while it'd be mad condescending to say we have to dumb shit down for poor folk, it'd definitely help if we could explain the basics of class theory without using ten or twenty concepts you have to have in depth knowledge of a certain book to read. I mean shit, I'm just learning what tome the concept of intersectionality was developed in, because I've always been working with a lay definition taught to me in queer circles. Then I saw someone get shouted at for using a faulty definition of it (granted, he kinda deserved it) on my feed and like, I wouldn't describe tumblr as really leftist in the least so much as half well-meaning kids trying to do right by their peers and half performative liberals trying to get brownie points, but it'd at least help if this shit was more widely available and disseminated or we could be more patient explaining concepts to people who ask. My own understanding is faulty, but it was still enough to get a friend still stuck on the class before race train to realize he was shooting himself and people he cared about in the foot.


ziq wrote (edited )

The right part only applies if the audience is white male. Anyone else will be called an sjw cuck f****** n******* c*** whore. And they'll also eat each other alive if they find out their mates have jewish heritage or are bi or something.

Otherwise, yeah.


rot wrote

There's a new kind of right-wing emerging imo. One that excepts certain races as long as they stick to the dominant culture and don't do anything to stand out. Old conservatism rejected weed smoking hipsters, women who had sex outside of marriage, black people and non WASP men but now they seem to latch onto anyone willing to uphold the status quo.