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tnstaec wrote

Been awhile. How's everyone doing?


Tequila_Wolf wrote


Surviving, it seems. You? Welcome back. We've had a few new people in and a few new people out, but I think it looks like we're on an uptick after the lull a few months back.


tnstaec wrote

It's been a busy few months. Good busy, but I'm ready for things to settle down a bit.


zzuum wrote

As someone who joined a while ago, I've become more active in the last two weeks also, so maybe some of that. TBH the monotonous nature of reddit brought me back


PerfectSociety wrote (edited )

Doing okay. Had a bit of disappointment this morning when one of my grades came back. I spent about 1 hour being pretty irritated about it. But overall, doing okay when considering the big picture. I have a chance starting on Monday with this new rotation to make up for it by excelling in that one. That's how I'm keeping my head up.


gone wrote (edited )

I'm new. Been flooding the boards a bit and stealing an education while I can, but back-to-school corporate capitalism spend money holiday is making me want to run around the internet saying "Have a nice day, Turkey!"

That would not be setting a good example for da childernz.

I'll be back when I'm ready to act like an uncivilized human being. No worries. I'm not angry at anyone here, I'm just angry.