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raindropq wrote

hello raddlerium.Its good to see you again. my computer doesn't turn on anymore after tumbling in the car for about week so that's been a nice cold turkey like maybe with cranberry sauce but still feelin yall close in the meandering contemplations as i am, here, currently. i watched episode like6ithink thismorning of Serenity and enjoyed at the end where mal told the pessimistic imposter something about how he doesn't work alone, that show always gets me to cry and smile. yestertday found a 99 year old man lost and i got to help him get home, that was cool to meet him, he had a story to tell! tried tuning up the truck but i somewhow broke it instead. the kitten had kittens! they are 8 days old. 3 0f them, 1 all white and 2 black with white feet. she is a really good mom. i love my mom, she's pretty nice too.


OldHippieChick wrote

Congratulations on the kittens! You have been missed.

Next Year's 30 year old actually gave me back "Miss Perfect" if you want me to pass her along. She's a used for-parts-or-repair 32 bit laptop/tablet convertible who was born in 2006 and came here with her three comrades a couple of years ago.

She went by "Ms." when she was with dd. She's not picky, she's just not married. I can libreboot her for you, which would make her safer but then she wouldn't have sound or be able to run proprietary software in an emergency so it's your choice and this belongs on a flipping PM!!!!

Your mom is obviously awesome, though, because people like you don't just show up out of thin air.