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not_AFX_lol wrote

propaganda is a grey area for me. as a word and concept it has a lot of connotation with hardcore authoritarianism and that's a bit of a turnoff.

on the other hand i recognize the importance of radicalization to the movement and i agree that we need some form of media to convince people of the system's flaws, but i'd rather we use logic and reason instead of the fallacies and emotional appeals that the word 'propaganda' has become tied to, whenever possible.


tlckl OP wrote

I thought about that, but I came to the conclusion that propaganda would help "unapologetic discussion".

In a way, I think about propaganda as a tool to be used to achieve the goal. It's a dirty tool, but the goal should be achieved by any means necessary.

Just like violence and things like that, I don't care about the means only the ends.