Thought of an experiment.

Submitted by succtales_backup in lobby (edited )

In an area divided into thirds; One Marxist-Leninist, one Anarchist, and one Social Democratic, How long would it take for a three-way war to break out?


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wild_liger wrote

The war would never be three ways; the socdems and MLs would happily team up to get rid of the anarchists first.


ziq wrote

They'd team up with the fascists too to get rid of us, like they've done countless times.


succtales_backup wrote

since when have social democrats been chummy with any other ideologies? Same goes for MLs.


ziq wrote

Since anarchy threatened to leave them without power hierarchy.


RosaReborn wrote

I'll chime in on this one. Social democrats killed Rosa Luxemburg using a right-wing paramilitary group called Freikorps. There are many other examples of soc dem and MLs siding with centrist or right-wing groups to maintain their own power, I just list this one since it's my namesake


selver wrote

MLs and SocDems team up immediately to kill us.


ergdj5 wrote

A few days. Marxist-Leninists don't tolerate anarchists.