An update on how (and all the other platforms in the network) are going.

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So for those who don't know, notabug is a peer based decentralized alternative to reddit, about three months ago it was posted about here by the founder go1dfish.

So since then the network has improved quite a bit. It is now much faster, we have new features such as a chatbox, and we have several new peers ( Currently the main difference between all the peers is how much is voluntarily "censored" ( I use this term loosely because even the peers with the most strict content policy's only delete child pornography, doxes, and any court requests they are forced to comply with), and how voting is handled in terms of how much hashing power is equal to one vote.

Also it is starting to gain traction in terms of having more members due to promotions by users on reddit, a button leading here on /, and a growing authentication partnership Im going to go into more detail about in the next paragraph.

notabug now supports usernames, (but they are by no means required) authentication, and content distribution useing GUN (which you can learn more about here: The GUN user network is set to soon work across multiple platforms, and Idealy in the end you will be able to post on, any notabug peer, probably steem, and many other things I probably dont know about with only one account. More will follow from this in the future, and if wanted raddle could possibly impliment this system if wanted, but that is for you all to decide.

Notabug is not done though. We still have important features to add such as User profiles which will be like classic reddit profiles without all the new crap they added, along with end to end encrypted private messaging.

Finally, believe it or not, notabug is currently ideologically roughly in the center in terms of politics as far as I can tell, but right now most people seem to be posting about the site and decentralization since we are still heavily in development. This being said I would encorage you guys to come and post and downvote any nazis we may get so we dont become like voat or gab, Nazis have been heavily downvoted so far but we must remain vigilant!



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we clearly have diffrent ideas of what a nazi Is. lets just agree to disagree on this one.

Although yes some of those things you mentioned I will agree are bad. But for the mostpart those ones seem to be downvoted.