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lookin4 wrote

Yesterday it was very hot by day, and in the evening I got headache hours before the night was coming with a heavy thunderstorm in tow. It felt like I sweat for ages until I finally slept. I hate this moments, but am happy it is over for now and today it seems cool outside. Time to have breakfast! Enjoy this friday, people :)


rot wrote

Wow same. Thunderstorm last night scared my cats but I was dead asleep through it


rot wrote

Started reading A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick. 5 chapters deep and pretty good

Finished watching season 2 of The Handmaiden's Tale, great show I'd recommend it if you're not squeamish, there's a lot of rape and murder in it and it gets pretty uncomfortable to watch


PerfectSociety wrote

This week I started seriously looking into the possibility of living in an urban commune. I started looking up different options.