How active are you in your local area?

Submitted by throwaway in lobby

Are you participating in demonstrations every now and then?

Are you taking Generation Identity websites offline every night?

Are you spraying pictures of Kropotkin on your local bank?

Are you punching pepe-fan fascists on camera?

Are you participating in mass civil disobedience acts (there's more being organised than you think)?

...you get the idea. What are you doing to derail the train?


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GaldraChevaliere wrote

I started helping out at a food line and got invited to some stuff, so hopefully more soon. I've been thinking a lot about joining up with some forest defenders somewhere lately.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Compared to the people who are doing A LOT, I'm not doing a lot, but I do have a few solid ongoing projects and things I'm involved in indirectly, and am flexible enough to participate in solidarity actions of various sorts as they arise.


rot wrote

I'm actually new(ish) to Anarchism and I'm basically an 'armchair anarchist'. Less than a year ago I was reading the wiki page for mutualism

I really need to get more involved


throwaway wrote

You have a few good things in store for you then! If you live in Scandinavia i can help you get an overview of how we organize; I don't know much about where and how anarchists organize elsewhere.

Here's some coming international events, acts and gatherings that many anarchists travel across borders for:

  • The anarchist bookfair at Malmö - it'll probably be back next year! The website

  • "Free The Soil - Smash Industrial Agriculture", a relatively huge event that'll shut down and sabotage industrial agriculture for as long as possible. The website.

  • "Strike Back - Defend the right to strike". The social democratic party (of course) is planning to limit the right to strike even further. All kinds of people are showing up to fight back. Link to a Facebook (sorry..) event.

  • "Code Rood", a mass civil disobedience act against the use of fossil fuels in Gronningen, Holland. Last year, more than 300 people blocked all activity at the facility there for a full day. The website.

  • "The People's Climate March", people all over the world organize locally to march against the use of fossil fuels. 8. sep.


rot wrote

Nowhere near there but thank you!

There is a food not bombs chapter a few miles from me so I'll check that out


MichaelPemulis wrote

I've only discovered and embraced Anarchism in the past few months so I'm pretty new to the concepts/community. Being that I'm a neurotic shut-in that struggles with basic shit like going outside, I can't say I'm involved in much of anything beyond basic self-care recently.

But I'm inspired. Keeping an eye out for opportunities to get involved and connect with other likeminded people.