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ziq wrote

Things have to get a lot worse first.


RosaReborn wrote

I try to be optimistic. People, even younger liberals, are trending to a better understanding of the world e.g. blaming capitalism and institutions that enable it however the process is far too slow and I can't forsee anything but collapse and a rise of reactionaries as refugee immigration increases.

Spontaneous movements can bring change but it needs to be sustained and the change needs to be permanent. There's a lot of pressure keeping this from happening


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Not generally, no.

What's interesting for me is what anarchist praxis looks like when we assume that, and how it might look different to what we'd have if we didn't.


lookin4 wrote

I feel you!

All of our activities will improve the world. But permanent? Also outside our filter-bubbles? As an self-strengthining and self-empowering aspect? Somehow, yeah. We're seem to be a minority, but we are not!

Radicalism is given human beings by birth. It is on us to spread empathy, hope, motivate ourselves and help us in moments where all seems lost. We're humans, after all so lets encourage all fellow-humans to re-think about the value of life itself. And not just about life of our species, also the life of other animals and the whole nature if not the universe. Be radical, get together (if you feel like it) and stay radical.

We all need and deserve joy, don't we?


throwaway wrote

After humanity is 80% wiped, they might. A popular workers revolution instilled with sensible anti-authority, a sense of solidarity and reflectations on the two branches of socialism (authoritarian and non-hierarchical) and driven by educated and moral workers is not very likely as far as i can see - but climate change and nuclear war is, on the other hand.

The really sad thing about this is that the survivors will be those that caused these issues to begin with: the rich and the rulers.

All this is just speculation. Perhaps we will all just live, grow old and die as suppressed workers in the same place and same system as we were born in. Which is worse?


rot wrote

If 80% of humanity is wiped out it will mostly be the working class who die


throwaway wrote

That's exactly what i wrote.


rot wrote

and if the workers are dead and a few rich live in bunkers, that helps how?


throwaway wrote

It might give the climate some time to recover.

There's many things that can piss me off: state, capital and what goes with them, drowning in ignorant sycophants, the list goes on - but nothing compares to seeing nature rotting away.


upvote4Nature wrote

I agree that watching nature in strife causes me the most pain as well.

I always want to believe that if the energy and time was directed to re-greening and creating sustainable food forests that we could repair some of what we have done, and even create healthier forests with our influence. Studies are coming out that the Amazon forests are so successful from human interplanting and assistance. We would have to focus on that sort of connection and remind everyone we are creatures of nature. There is just a lot going on for most people and it's hard to remember the Earth is one big cell we are all living on.


wild_liger wrote

climate disaster is going to utterly destroy human civilization in the next few decades, so i guess that's something to look forward to

hopefully some of the cooler species manage to outlive us fucksticks


supernice wrote

As optimistic as I try to convince myself to be, I think it is not going to get better any time soon. Just take the climate for instance and never mind the rest...the Earth is on fire. Wildfires are spreading everywhere at an incredible rate. Things are heading downhill fast. Things are going to get worse and we all need to be prepared.


GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

Men are the worst thing to happen to Midgard. It won't be long before Surtr gets his day. My tribe will die out, if not in my generation then within a few down the line. All I can really do is try to protect my sisters and lovers for as long as I can now. Unless the revolution happens tomorrow morning and the first thing we do is pull a Nantes on every last bourgie son of a bitch who and their own tribes put us in this situation, we're goners.

e: I guess I try to deal with it by running headlong into things. I hate everything and almost everyone and at this point only my tribe really matters to me anymore. I can't save the world, but I can protect them for as long as I can and do things to make them happy. Seeing a smile on my girlfriend's face lights up the whole world around her for me. Making sure everyone's got their medicine and are eating right, and that they're safe from harm gives me a lot of purpose. But when I'm not in a position to do that or I need their help and can't pay it back, I get really angry and depressed and that's probably been informing a lot of my actions recently.


closed wrote

No, I expect things to get much worse. Despite that, we can still find joy and beauty around us. There's plenty to appreciate.


plast wrote

If you step outside the anarcho-bubble there are some promising things. But you have to understand a few things first.

1). Collapse is a continuous process not a future event

People often refer to collapse as some far away thing, its usually said by people living comfy in the west. For them it isnt collapse until it affects them.

2). Theres two views, hope and no hope.

If you think there's a chance then you can get to work. If you dont, then you dont have to care, as there's nothing you can do. Either way you can cope.

3). No "revolution" will come at all. Leftists have this idea that once things get really bad people will "come to their senses" and see the glory of communism. This will not happen. You can tell because things right now are essentially a dystopia and get more dystopian every day with nothing new. Change will be conscious and planned out, not spontaneous

So now lets get to projections:

Climate is gonna be rough in alot of ways but not something that cant be dealt with. We will survive and maybe be better off, but its gonna hurt everyone. Politics have been showing a trend of simmering down. If you look at the day to day, media always makes it seem like its getting worse, but in terms of broad historical trends its getting more peaceful. Most conflict is proxy wars and we'll likely not see any major war anytime soon. Economically, we're fucked.

Action you can take:

On the climate side of things, all we can do is either slow it down or setup better shit in the future. Remember to focus less on "ethical" consumerism and actually change large institutions. For instance, rather than telling everyone to recycle the focus should be on getting companies to use more renewable methods of reusing containers. Or taking it into our own hands and cutting them out. Poltically, theres not much you can do other encourage self-reliance and "solidarity". People have no control in large elections, as its entire up to the money. Try to pick up skills and teach others. Remember to not shove any idea down anyone's throat. This will only build resentment. Just present your view and see if they take to it.

Final Verdict: Things are capable of getting better. Whether that happens mostly depends on us. But its really anyone's guess.