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plast wrote

If you step outside the anarcho-bubble there are some promising things. But you have to understand a few things first.

1). Collapse is a continuous process not a future event

People often refer to collapse as some far away thing, its usually said by people living comfy in the west. For them it isnt collapse until it affects them.

2). Theres two views, hope and no hope.

If you think there's a chance then you can get to work. If you dont, then you dont have to care, as there's nothing you can do. Either way you can cope.

3). No "revolution" will come at all. Leftists have this idea that once things get really bad people will "come to their senses" and see the glory of communism. This will not happen. You can tell because things right now are essentially a dystopia and get more dystopian every day with nothing new. Change will be conscious and planned out, not spontaneous

So now lets get to projections:

Climate is gonna be rough in alot of ways but not something that cant be dealt with. We will survive and maybe be better off, but its gonna hurt everyone. Politics have been showing a trend of simmering down. If you look at the day to day, media always makes it seem like its getting worse, but in terms of broad historical trends its getting more peaceful. Most conflict is proxy wars and we'll likely not see any major war anytime soon. Economically, we're fucked.

Action you can take:

On the climate side of things, all we can do is either slow it down or setup better shit in the future. Remember to focus less on "ethical" consumerism and actually change large institutions. For instance, rather than telling everyone to recycle the focus should be on getting companies to use more renewable methods of reusing containers. Or taking it into our own hands and cutting them out. Poltically, theres not much you can do other encourage self-reliance and "solidarity". People have no control in large elections, as its entire up to the money. Try to pick up skills and teach others. Remember to not shove any idea down anyone's throat. This will only build resentment. Just present your view and see if they take to it.

Final Verdict: Things are capable of getting better. Whether that happens mostly depends on us. But its really anyone's guess.