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GaldraChevaliere wrote (edited )

Men are the worst thing to happen to Midgard. It won't be long before Surtr gets his day. My tribe will die out, if not in my generation then within a few down the line. All I can really do is try to protect my sisters and lovers for as long as I can now. Unless the revolution happens tomorrow morning and the first thing we do is pull a Nantes on every last bourgie son of a bitch who and their own tribes put us in this situation, we're goners.

e: I guess I try to deal with it by running headlong into things. I hate everything and almost everyone and at this point only my tribe really matters to me anymore. I can't save the world, but I can protect them for as long as I can and do things to make them happy. Seeing a smile on my girlfriend's face lights up the whole world around her for me. Making sure everyone's got their medicine and are eating right, and that they're safe from harm gives me a lot of purpose. But when I'm not in a position to do that or I need their help and can't pay it back, I get really angry and depressed and that's probably been informing a lot of my actions recently.