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throwaway wrote

That's exactly what i wrote.


rot wrote

and if the workers are dead and a few rich live in bunkers, that helps how?


throwaway wrote

It might give the climate some time to recover.

There's many things that can piss me off: state, capital and what goes with them, drowning in ignorant sycophants, the list goes on - but nothing compares to seeing nature rotting away.


upvote4Nature wrote

I agree that watching nature in strife causes me the most pain as well.

I always want to believe that if the energy and time was directed to re-greening and creating sustainable food forests that we could repair some of what we have done, and even create healthier forests with our influence. Studies are coming out that the Amazon forests are so successful from human interplanting and assistance. We would have to focus on that sort of connection and remind everyone we are creatures of nature. There is just a lot going on for most people and it's hard to remember the Earth is one big cell we are all living on.