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LostYonder wrote

There are a number of radical scholars, associations, and movements in Pakistan that provide a more critical, less state-centric, critique of what is going on there. Pakistan suffers from a long history of horrifically bad scholarship and analysis. the Pakistani left is crushed by the military on one side and the religious right on the other, who are in fact partners, funded by the US to silence, erase, and kill off leftists of all yokes. The religious right came to the forefront in Pakistan in the late 1970s/1980s under the military dictator Zia ul-Haq, the third largest receiver of US foreign aid at the time (behind Israel and Egypt), at the height of the 1st Afghanistan war. They were used to destroy the communists in Pakistan, killing off the labor and peasant movement leaders. Those who had leftist leanings fled into exile, leaving the country with very little critical perspectives. Only recently have they started to reemerge. But you will never find their perspective in any of the mass media which is beholden to the military...