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ziq wrote (edited )

Most people that submit articles will stop doing it if they see they only get 1 to 5 upvotes and no comments. Most casual visitors that come to the site and see a dozen articles on the front page with no upvotes will declare the site dead and stop coming. And they'll tell everyone else the site is dead and it'll become a self fulfilling prophecy. Look what happened to Imzy.


GrimWillow wrote

When you put it that way, I see what you mean...


ziq wrote (edited )

Most people need some kind of incentive to keep devoting time to something. As meaningless as it might seem, upvoting is at least some kind of show of gratitude (commenting is even better) and provides them with enough feel-good brain chemicals to encourage them to keep submitting articles.

Commenting causes threads to rise and makes the site look healthier... even when the comment is relatively redundant like this one was, it enables users to read the other comments in the thread because the more comments a post gets, the slower the post will drop and the more people will see the comments.

A lot of times I have nothing valuable to say but say something anyway just in case it encourages replies and leads to something valuable.


OldHippieChick wrote

Thanks for clarifying. The culture is very different between upvoting and "liking" .

The quality of my own commenting has devolved but that can and will change. :)

Upvoting is easy. Reptilian brain can do that.