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selver wrote

I'm curious, how far does $10 US go there?

US/European anarchists supporting projects in other places should probably be more common. Need to make those connections.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

It depends hugely on where you go and what you're buying, but for the country I'm in and several nearby ones (SADC & SACU generally) it is probably safe to say that average income is less than 100 US$ per month, often quite a bit less, sometimes with mitigating factors.
Which often means you just eat like once a day and it's corn and you just don't buy anything, maybe you're paying a little rent for your shack or money for transport or whatever. (I could give better descriptions but already I'm doxxing myself). Generally if people have any substantial income at all it's going to immediate needs of people they know who have no income.

For example, in Zambia a normal meal a normal person would have daily would probably be nshima (corn meal) with tomato and raab, maybe cooked with bit of an onion and some oil/butter, which'd cost probably less than 0.50 US$. But if you go to a fancy tourist place it'll be as expensive and even potentially more than a restaurant in the US.

If I could, I would try to find ways of connecting overseas money with solid projects/people around here. There are few, but they exist.