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writinglucy wrote

Hello! Apparently I'm writinglucy. That's also my handle on reddit. I'm currently on the road living out of my car. Lately I've been giving some serious thought to ditching my car and hitchhiking/train hopping after the New Year. We'll see. In any case I'm an idealistic young person living all over the US. As for politics I think labels are silly but I'm increasingly comfortable thinking of myself as an anarcho-communist. Honestly I haven't done nearly enough reading so I'm very uneducated when it comes to politics. I've listened to a shit ton of Chomsky lectures, read many of his articles, and read some of the staples of Leftist thought: State And Revolution, The Mass Strike, The Communist Manifesto, The Conquest of Bread. I'm working my way through Mutual Aid right now. After that I think I'll read Reform or Revolution. I've been itching to read some Max Stirner because he sounds very interesting but one thing at a time. I'm way behind on my political education. I'm always open to suggestions as well!

Anyways this has turned into a very long introduction but since I've been on the road I have nothing else to do but write long posts and journal a lot. That's all for now!