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tlckl wrote

@OP: why not introduce yourself too?

I'm Ticki, a pretty-damn-autistic jewish FOSS programmer and math student, living in Norway.

As for ideology, I'm pretty much a socialist-without-adjectives, although I'm for sure at the anti-authoritarian side.

I used to be a socialist (trot), then I became a socdem/liberal, in fact I supported Hillary Clinton back during the election, but when she lost, I realised that maybe that was a weak ideology, and I went back to socialist (although more libertarian socialism).

Some other interests are: Collecting toothbrushes, K-pop (It's my guilty pleasure, it's awfully capitalist and sexist, but hopefully the toothbrushes cancel it out), reading, memorization of random things and hacking.

Also, I do graphic design.




heck wrote

i'm autistic too! i've become a lot more hesitant to say it cause of the way the word's been turned into an insult, but i'm glad that there are autistic friends here. what are your favourite toothbrushes?