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DissidentRage wrote

Hello, you know my handle here. IRL I've been referred to as Bad Jesus, or by my trans-masculine kiddo as "Dade."

I am a straight white cis male IT professional. Unfortunately that means I'm surrounded by reactionaries and can easily get lumped in with brocialists. I try to temper my perception of the world with the fact that others have it a lot harder, accepting that I am not going to be able to relate to the perspectives and struggles of less privileged folks. My family is also poor, and I've been homeless a couple times, which has helped radicalize me.

Politically I am FULL POSADIST tankarchist libertarian socialist and find inspiration across multiple leftist tendencies. Unfortunately work precludes me from getting a lot of reading in, so I'm not as well-read in some areas and am still fumbling my way through. At the end of the day, I want to see capitalism - wealth, private property, imperialism, slavery, poverty, discrimination - gone, and I will support all comrades across the left.