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elchololoco wrote (edited )

Hola. Me llamo "El Cholo Loco". I actually don't speak Spanish all that well, but I can muddle through it. I picked the handle because it's fun to say. Rolls off the tongue real nice.

I'm a rabid Northern partisan and adopted Woodchuck. I think New England and the parts of New York that aren't Downstate, NYC, and Long Island should secede from the enemy country, form our own independent nation, and organize that nation on an iterative, direct-democratic basis centered around communities of 150 people or fewer. There is substantial precedent for this in New England's proud tradition of "town meetings", which actually predates the first time we declared independence from an imperial occupier.

I am a geek, a carpenter, an aspiring engineer, a philosopher, and a heretical minister. My business cards give my occupation as "Wizard".

Finally, I believe that free folk everywhere should--being constrained only by purely tactical considerations--rise in the defense of our lands, our people, and our planet, by any means necessary.