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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

Hello comrades

my name is . . .

well i'm not gonna tell you that

I am from the u.s. but currently i live in latin america. I just identify as an anarchist usually , or maybe anti-authoritarian or internationalist. . . i suppose i could call my tendency insurrectionary intersectionality ... in terms of strategy i pivot between platformism and insurrectionary anarchism. I like the FAARJ and Tiqqun, diversity of tactics, ya know?

my interests include glitch art, anthropology, vegan foods, military swarming, post structrualism, artistic vandalism, lady penises, pirating copyrighted material, hoarding ebooks, full disk encryption and decentralized social networking.

Really love this site, i will be telling my friends on the fedbook about it. I'm trying to get anarchists to migrate off of it. come discuss destroying fuckerbergs empire on /f/fedbook

I have accounts with the same user-name on diaspora and mastodon if you want to add me on there :3