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Ostrich wrote

Hello folks! I'm Ostrich. I am also Cynical_Ostrich on Reddit.

I'm just your run-at-the-mill anarchist. For anyone that paid attention to me on Reddit, I've hopped around ideologically for quite a while before deciding that anarchism was right for me.

My journey started as a Wehraboo socdem, then ortho Marxist, then Leninist, trot, leftcom (luxemburgist thingy), communalist, anarchist, demsoc, communalist, and finally anarchist.

I'm overall pretty chill and I like to meme and occasionally masochistically debate.


writinglucy wrote

That's very interesting. I'd be very interested in hearing more about you flopped around ideologically. My transition was much more straightforward. When I was younger (10 - 14) I was fairly conservative, read Tom Clancy books, thought America was great and communism was bad, and generally had a pre-pubescent undeveloped brain incapable of critical thinking. However, through high school I became an edgy atheist and baby social democrat. Through my experiences in colleges and up until now I went from being a baby socdem to a big boy anarchist. To be fair I've been a socialist for a while but I didn't think I'd done enough reading to know if I would call myself an anarchist comfortably. After reading the Bread Book though I'm decided. Anyways, tell me more about your journey!