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GrimWillow wrote

Hi! I'm kind of new on this site. I had an account on an older version of it, but I mostly checked it out logged off. The improvements are incredible, and I want to contribute more to the community here!

I make artwork and I'm willing to collab. I'll eventually post more work, but for now, all I have posted is this submission.

I like to consider myself a green-anarchist, because I think the technology produced from the globalizing regime is always being advanced for solidifying the class system. Our communication is facilitated by the corporations that seek to enslave us, and we must tear it from our hearts by readily creating something new without letting it frame our existance. To me this means to do away with contributing to this techno-civilization as far as you can reach always as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has made this community a reality! I often see good content with reasonable discussions, what an oasis.