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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

The first thing that you should learn is the definition of fascism. Moderating a web based community to exclude people who obnoxiously espouse reactionary ideas (most of the internet) is not fascist. We don't even have many spaces on the net, and there are plenty of far more private communities than this one, they seem like a bigger target for your concern. Managing a media outlet and safe space for anti-fascists is not fascism, and it does harm to suggest that it is.

Fascism is what took speed when other european nations began to fear of a bolshevik uprising like what happened in russia. It was a violent and chauvinistic reaction towards the socialist elements in germany, italy, spain, and others. In today's world of expanding "trumpism", you see a villification of "the left" by lumping many disparate socialist leaning groups into the label "cultural marxism" (echoing hitler's fearmongering of "cultural bolshevism"). Only right-wingers have this kind of reaction, so you're not going to find fascism on a board filled with anti-fascists...