Make raddle not just for anarchists.

Submitted by AwesomeGullotines in lobby

I want raddle to be a free place for everyone, not just anarchists, to speak their mind. I can see that people are gonna make fun of me for this post, but i don't care. I just want raddle to be a safe place for everyone, not just anarchists. -AwesomeGullotines, A reddit and raddle poster and a right-leaning centrist.


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sudo wrote

I just want raddle to be a safe place for everyone, not just anarchists.

Yeah, I wish there were more communists here as-

...and a right-leaning centrist.



ziq wrote (edited )

anarchists are actually communists; just fyi. No state, no money, no bosses... that's communism. You should at least say 'state socialism' when you say you wish raddle had more (MLs) on it.


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, the only reason I never identify with "commie" when people call me it, is because I know that they're just calling me a state socialist and I don't have the patience to put the effort into addressing that distinction when having to deal with upacking the rest of the shit sure to be in their posts...


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Anybody is welcome here so long as they uphold the content policy of the w/Terms_of_Service. You're going to have an interesting time surrounded by anticapitalists but I don't think it's impossible to stick around here and contribute.


AwesomeGullotines wrote

Thank you for not supporting fascism, but respecting my opinion. You are awesome.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

The first thing that you should learn is the definition of fascism. Moderating a web based community to exclude people who obnoxiously espouse reactionary ideas (most of the internet) is not fascist. We don't even have many spaces on the net, and there are plenty of far more private communities than this one, they seem like a bigger target for your concern. Managing a media outlet and safe space for anti-fascists is not fascism, and it does harm to suggest that it is.

Fascism is what took speed when other european nations began to fear of a bolshevik uprising like what happened in russia. It was a violent and chauvinistic reaction towards the socialist elements in germany, italy, spain, and others. In today's world of expanding "trumpism", you see a villification of "the left" by lumping many disparate socialist leaning groups into the label "cultural marxism" (echoing hitler's fearmongering of "cultural bolshevism"). Only right-wingers have this kind of reaction, so you're not going to find fascism on a board filled with anti-fascists...


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

right-leaning centrist

Get bent fucker. You're free to post here, but just be ok with us telling you just how shitty all of your ideas are.


Bird wrote

Mate I understand your view point, but posting several threads with this exact title and almost exact content really only annoys people.



rot wrote

I was joking before but

Anarchists > everyone else

Especially you.



noordinaryspider wrote

Hey AwesomeGullotines,

I can't say I blame you because Postmill is AWESOME software and so much nicer than Reddit and most of the rest of the modern web, but did you know that it is also free and open source?

If you have the tech skills and the time, you're welcome to use it for whatever you want to talk about: right-leaning centrist politics, underwater basket weaving, funny pictures of cats, whatever makes your boat float.

But the point of Raddle kind of IS Anarchism. It was created when Reddit became an unsafe place to talk about our politics and philosophy. It takes a lot of work, time, and money to keep it going not to mention the emotional stress because we can be kind of like a herd of cats at times and I'm not claiming to be any sort of saint of rationality myself here.

Sure, you're welcome to stick around and learn and there are some great static resources here, but if you aren't interested in Anarchism or you don't like Anarchists, I don't think you're going to be very happy here and I'm sure there are better things you could be doing with your time.

Life is too short to waste your valuable online time. There are just too many interesting things to learn and too many great people in the world to meet and talk to that you're going to miss out on if you don't recognize the internet as the opportunity that it is.

Take care,



rot wrote

non Annies get out! Reeeeeeeeeee


ziq wrote


Please don't


rot wrote

I know it's reactionary garbage but I wanted my sarcasm to be really clear.

No comment on calling Anarchists 'Annies' ?


GrimWillow wrote

I don't mind being called an "Annie" lol


rot wrote

I just thought that would be the memorable part lol


noordinaryspider wrote (edited )

My brother introduced me to Anarchism during our childhood with this character in a short story we were writing whose name was "Annie" short for "Anarchist K. Jordan" so I don't think I will ever mind being called an "Annie", lol.

"Ani" short for "Anakin", on the other hand.....

Well, suffice it to say that maybe I'm just not mature and responsible enough to be a gramma yet.


rot wrote

I know it's reactionary garbage but I wanted my sarcasm to be really clear.

No comment on calling Anarchists 'Annies' ?