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noordinaryspider wrote

Personal life shit is probably making me look like a jerk right now if anyone's even looking, but I just wanted to thank you again for being an awesome new(ish) mod, GrimWillow, and since localville certainly isn't reflecting the reality you're describing, maybe it's time to print out some stickers or staple a few posters to some telephone poles.

We used to have a vibrant anarchist community here before our local Occupy went sour and I'm still trying to figure out what happened. All I see is gentrification and such horrific security culture that it must be provocateurs and honeypots as well as college freshmen who just never had a chance to learn any better.

Localville is dreadfully normal as far as the wrong side of the tracks not too far from a college town goes so I'm probably too paranoid about doxing myself.

I'm just not that important.

It certainly is cheering me up to see our rapidly growing band of Robin Hoods. I still wish there was something behind the scenes I could do to cheer them on, but it would probably just be an unnecessary and annoying distraction at this point.

Go, shoplifters!