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throwaway wrote

I'm seeing a lot of anarchist blogs and stickers in my local area and in my language, it's awesome. There's also a lot of nice stickers mocking generation identitary, which always puts a smile on my face. I have a feeling that things are going in the right direction. Even the hipster-anarchists that join mostly because they think it's cool are beginning to read and learn, and that's quite something.


retiredaccount wrote

What's generation identitary?


throwaway wrote

AKA Generation Identitaire, Generation Identity. A group of young patriotic, neo-fascist, anti-immigration "activists". They're trying to make nationalism and lightweight nazism cool and appealing to the youth, and they're doing a surprisingly good job at it, with fancy logos and big actions. They're growing fast in Europe.

Their core website is here:

What's not listed there is the Danish group amongst others.