<3 y'all, keep up the good work.

Submitted by GrimWillow in lobby

Just want to give a shout out to everyone that keeps Raddle's community going! Some great links and discussion. I sense an upsurge in growth on the horizon as well. We may not be the biggest community, but I'd rather find all the cool folk who knows whats up rather than be where most people are. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to internet communities. :)

Some troll earlier complained about people sharing too many links. Just want to remind everyone that your content is valuable, and as long as you're not a bigot/troll/anti-feminist/queerphobe/fascist/tankie/terf/ayn-cap/incel/etc, you'll probably get along here, and your input is welcome.

Also, here's a raddle frog!


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raddle wrote

Raddle is pleased with raddle user productivity.


buzz wrote

as a bigot-troll-anti-feminist-queerphobe-fascist-tankie-terf-ayn-cap-incel, my bones are SHAKING


raindropq wrote

ya whatever fuck everyone


gone wrote

I'll pass on fucking part because I'm old enough to be your grandmother and nowhere near as cute, but I think I'd actually put up with clicks on the "big hug smilie" and even a bunch of stupid "group hug" emoji in the context of this particular online community. :)

Thanks, Grimwillow. I was more of a forum board junkie than a reddit junkie so I appreciate the reminder that this is the right place to share. I've got plenty more links to share as well as way too many opinions and questions. :D