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GrimWillow wrote

I think it's useful to have accounts with a consistent name to build a rep, but I always viewed the internet as being an anonymous medium first and foremost. I honestly think using "alts" has, and always will be, a normal thing to make on the internet. I feel that everyone should try to be as private as possible, but many of the cultures we are a part of encourage us to not be private. I can understand why people would be annoyed if they think that they're talking to multiple people, and they find out that it's just one, but ultimately I personally don't care.

People that are screaming bloody murder over you having alts just don't make sense to me. I think we'll be targeted pretty heavily out here, so take their efforts with a grain of salt. The doxxing is the real concern. Don't trust links in general on the internet, but especially from the shared accounts.


theblackcat wrote

The users that demand ziq only use one account are the same users that would (and have) dox or snitch on us without a second thought.

And they all have lots of alts and have used them to mass downvote... I've seen ziq get 9 downvotes in a couple of minutes when clashing with one of them.