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supernice wrote

Keep posting your content. I wouldn't let someone masquerading under an anon account dictate if and when you post. The person has a personal problem with you, that's clear. And Tequila Wolf it seems as well. They obviously don't feel comfortable engaging the community directly without needing to hide behind an anon account, and don't expect them to not use the alts you propose as another weapon against you later. They will. It's clear this is personal. None of this nonsense is about there being a ton of "garbage"'s obviously about if those posts are made by you or Tequila. They're trying to silence you.

I personally would prefer to know I'm dealing with the same person, without having to think about potential alt OR anon accounts, but honestly....who's to say that many of us here are not already using alt accounts? There's no guarantee of that, so I guess what really counts is the interactions with the community those accounts have. If it's just being used to stir shit, then there's a problem (much like the anon accounts seem to be) and it will be obvious. In the end, what you think is the best path for you is what matters. Do what you feel is best and right, not much else matters if you maintain your integrity.