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BunnyBop wrote

Uh, why?


ergdj5 OP wrote


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

So? Dude, you should be butthurt that someone posted a no more meaningless posts post - that's the stupidest and most meaningless thing ever.


ntm wrote (edited )

I don't think ergdj5 is explaining it. Ziq had created many sockpuppet accounts to populate Raddle in its early days to create the illusion that it was more active and more of a community than it was at the time, which was seen by many as a betrayal of trust, and Ziq saw as necessary to bootstrap a social media platform. I can see both sides, but mostly see it as a bit of failure of infrastructure, as other sites such as have an "invite tree" as a safeguard against sock puppetry, and to be honest, this whole site kind of started with controversy as it was created as a result of leftist infighting (when /r/leftwithsharpedge was banned from reddit), which I am almost able to look past because it's important that we're not on websites milk their users for ad revenue/cooperate with law enforcement/use proprietary software.